• A Good Manager is a One Who Relates All The Results
    to Financial Indicators.
  • A Manager Should Know Business Financials to Turn Around Business
    a Profitable Way
  • A Successful Manager is One Who Understand Business And
    Business Financials.

Welcome to The Catalyst

The Catalyst is a Nasik based business consulting firm having two verticals. Strategic Business consulting and training and development. Run by a team of professional catering to manufacturing companies in and around Nasik, in the field of setting up systems, SOPs, Business review mechanism, in the various verticals of Finance, HR, Operation, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Production Processes etc. We believe all successful and growing companies have one thing in common i.e robust systems in place in all the business driving areas. At Catalyst we go that extra mile in terms of working with the client on every single details and its handhold implementation so that systems are established. We play a role of the Catalyst who accelerates the process of growth.


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Why Us

The team of Catalyst is dedicated and capable of resolving business as well as issues regarding the people in the organisation. The entire team is qualified and committed to assist our clients in various verticals. We at Catalyst follow a unique philosophy of “diagnose before you prescribe”. This means we first understand the pain areas which are unique with every client. Post this activity we give a roadmap to resolve the pain areas by putting thrust on establishing a system in place be it finance, HR, Operations, Sales and Marketing etc.
In true sense we play the role of Catalyst who accelerates process of growth. The unique thing about us is to supplement our consulting initiative; we also impart training in a holistic manner in the areas of finance, HR etc, and a one day program on Managerial Effectiveness and the most appreciated MDP which is designed with a view of providing a practical approach towards the development of organisation through its managers.

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